SCPI Parser


A complete SCPI parser for your electronic instruments. Supplied as a library of ANSI C compliant source code, together with comprehensive, step-by-step documentation. Trusted by industry and used worldwide.

Overview of JPA-SCPI Parser

JPA-SCPI Parser comprises two parts:

1. Command Set

A pair of .c and .h files contain the set of commands you want to recognize. Templates for many types of instrument are included to speed up the creation process.

2. JPA-SCPI Parser Access Functions

Simply call the SCPI_Parse() function to parse the command line string received by your instrument. Return values indicate if the command string was recognized as a valid command.

Now use the JPA-SCPI Parser Access Functions to retrieve the command's parameters (if any). The Access Functions allow the command parameters to be converted into the required variable types (e.g. long integer, double-precision float, string etc.) for your code to handle.

How JPA-SCPI Parser fits into Your Code

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