SCPI Parser


A complete SCPI parser for your electronic instruments. Supplied as a library of ANSI C compliant source code, together with comprehensive, step-by-step documentation. Trusted by industry and used worldwide.

Features of JPA-SCPI Parser

Supported SCPI Features

JPA-SCPI Parser supports just about every feature of SCPI you are likely to need:

  • Full support for SCPI command trees
  • Short and long forms of mnemonics
  • Compound commands (correct node-levels maintained between commands)
  • Optional keywords
  • Optional parameters
  • All standard parameter types: numeric value, Boolean, string (quoted and unquoted), character data, numeric lists, channel lists, expressions
  • Multiple types of parameter allowed, e.g. {MINimum|MAXimum|<range>}
  • Default values definable for Boolean and character data parameters
  • Units, e.g. V (volts), A (amps), etc., including unit multipliers (p, u, m, k, Ma, G, etc.) User-definable units allow complete flexibility
  • Entry of numeric values in either standard or scientific notation up to +/-9.9 e +/-37. Numeric values may also be entered in hexadecimal, octal and binary
  • Numeric suffices supported for multi-channel instruments,
    e.g. OUTput<channel number>

New to SCPI? Read our brief introduction to the SCPI command language.

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