SCPI Parser


A complete SCPI parser for your electronic instruments. Supplied as a library of ANSI C compliant source code, together with comprehensive, step-by-step documentation. Trusted by industry and used worldwide.

Customer Testimonials

We've supplied JPA-SCPI Parser to many great companies and developers. Here are a few who have sent us feedback and permitted us to feature it on our website.

Versatile Power

"About nine months ago we purchased your SCPI Parser for use in a power supply we were developing and for which potential customers indicated a SCPI interface would be an advantage. While familiar with SCPI, no one here had ever actually implemented an instrument which supports it.

"Your parser has been wonderful. To start with, your documentation fleshed out our understanding of SCPI and helped make sense of the parts of the SCPI specification important to us. Folding the parser itself into our code was wonderfully straightforward. Your code was well commented and easy to understand, and the additional documentation complete. We have ended up with an 84-command system containing seven new character data sequences. Integration was nearly effortless. (Because our software maintains voltage, current, and power in millivolts, milliamps, and milliwatts, respectively, I needed to wade into the guts of your numeric value representation to create a function which multiplies volts/amps/watts by 1000. Even doing that went smoothly.)

"So kudos to your engineering team! Your parser has been a pleasure to work with."

David Brubaker, Senior Software Engineer, Versatile Power, Campbell, CA USA.


"I had the parser implemented in a test form in our embedded code the day after we received [JPA-SCPI Parser] and it would have been sooner but I didn't have time to look at it on the first day.

"The following day our programmer that is dealing with the PC side of the software also had it running. We both found it very straight forward to use and the documentation is superb (unusual for software products).

"Our product is a multichannel, modular instrument (we don't even know what some of the modules will be yet) and so we need a command language that can expand with it, which is why we chose SCPI.

"[JPA-SCPI Parser] will be of enormous use to us. We want to spend our time on writing the code that makes our product unique and not spend time writing the parser."

Malcolm Hartnell, Principal Engineer, PerkinElmer.


When Fluke designed their flagship, high-precision DMMs, the 8846A & 8845A, they chose to use JPA-SCPI Parser. Fluke were so happy with the results that they permitted us to feature their name and products on our pages.


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